The Crossfield Process:

At Crossfield, we work with people whose energy bills are too high, have rooms that get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, have young children, or anyone in the house with asthma or allergies. Once we know what the Homeowner's initial concerns are, then, based on the principles of building science, we employ the Crossfield Process to solve those problems.

  • We listen to your concerns: Our Home Energy Specialist will sit down with you and review any concerns you may have regarding the comfort, energy efficiency and health of your home.
  • Test for their causes: Based on the principles of Building Science, your Home Energy Technician will perform an in-depth energy audit of your home. He will employ numerous testing devices to uncover the root causes of your concerns.
  • Engineer specific solutions: Using the test data collected during the tests we build a computerized energy model of your home. This model together with our on-site observations assists us in creating a whole home solution. Your Home Energy Specialist then reviews that solution which, when implemented, will maximize the performance of your home and bring it up to today's standards of comfort, energy efficiency and health.
  • Implement those solutions with our own specially trained & certified technicians: Our Home Energy Technicians are certified by the Building Performance Institute to perform the work necessary to bring your home's systems up to the energy efficiency standards of the National Energy Star program. Once the work is complete our technicians†repeat the same tests they used in the initial audit so that you can be certain we did what we said we would do.



We wanted to send a thank you for the unbelievable experience we had during the purchase and installation of our Mitsubishi Air Conditioner. We cannot say enough positive about the entire process.

Kathy B. - Palmyra

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